The Entourage Effect of CBD Oil

One of the key elements of the myCBD products, that contain cannabidiol, is that we respect the entourage effect of the cannabinoids.

However, before we go further, it is important to explain what the entourage effect of cannabinoids is in order to understand its importance and why it is vital that we keep it within our products.

Entourage Effect CBD Oil |

What is the entourage effect?

After the study of isolated cannabinoids to find their individual effects, it was found that when cannabinoids are isolated they are inferior and do not have the same effect as before. However, when the cannabinoid molecules are kept together, their effect increased. The phenomenon is called the “Entourage effect”.

Above all, it was determined that anandamide, an endocannabinoid present in our bodies, interacted in a better way with a the cannabinoids and terpenes, unlike when isolated cannabinoids were used.

Thanks to this effect, it has been discovered that the cannabinoid molecules work better together and offer properties superior to when the cannabinoids are isolated.

CBD Oil Entourage Effect |

How do the myCBD CBD oils maintain the entourage effect?

Our oils, besides being rich in Cannabidiol or CBD, possess several cannabinoids and terpenes which allow for the entourage effect to occur.

In the myCBD quality analysis we can verify the percentage of each cannabinoid present in our oils. However, we also note that there are other cannabinoids and terpenes that maintain the entourage effect, which differentiates our products from other CBD oils.

Which cannabinoids and terpenes are found in myCBD products?

The cannabinoids and terpenes we have within our CBD oil are:

  • Δ9-THC (always under 0.2%)
  • CBG
  • CBN
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Beta-Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Eucalyptol
  • Linalool
  • Terpinolene
  • Terpineol
  • Myrcene
  • Ocimene
  • Alpha-Terpinene
  • Alpha-Thujene
  • Alpha Phellandrene

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