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Goodbye summer

When summer and “back to school” are over; let’s be realistic, it can be tedious not only for the kids but also for adults who have to return to their routine. CBD teas can be the perfect ally in order to get you through the tough month of September.

Post-holiday blues

The “back to school”, post – holiday depression, the slope of September … no matter what you call it, the reality is that is difficult to pick up the pace of work after the holidays. Our bodies have become accustomed to sleeping more, eating more, being carefree and relaxing … but now the time has come to “reset”.

Prepare your body for the day-to-day

In order for the body to become accustomed to waking up early again, prepare the lunches for the week, pick up the children from school on time, resist the urge to skip the spinning sessions in the gym and find suitable ways to manage stress in the workplace, we to conserve our energy.

Energize in the morning with Inmuno CBD Tea

Grab a cup of Immuno CBD tea in the morning, which will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth as well as strengthening your immune system, in order to give you the energy and strength to battle the obstacle that is September.

Relaxing in the afternoon

And at night after a long day, when you are sitting on the sofa feeling nostalgic about the summer days, you will be able to reacquaint yourself with the feeling of peace and relaxation, by enjoying a cup of Relax CBD tea, infused with hemp, lavender and stevia. After all, rest and relaxation are the best medicines against stress and in order to regain strength.

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