CBD Oil 6% myCBD

CBD Oil taking advantage of the whole plant...

CBD Oil 6% myCBD

myCBD CBD OIL UK is prepared with ecologic hemp oil and hemp extract.

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Cannabidiol oil with all the properties for entourage effect

Our sublingual CBD Oil is produced from a nutritional oil that combines hemp oil and hemp extract sourced from the entire plant. Each bottle contains a concentration of 6% of CBD (cannabidiol) in 10ml.

One of the key elements in myCBD products is that we respect the inherent entourage effect of cannabinoids.

We maintain the properties of the terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids in our products which cannot be found in isolated or broad spectrum products in the same way.

Hence, we are able to offer all of the properties of cannabis sativa in the products of myCBD, and our clients state so in their feedback.

The best CBD Oil – Full Spectrum myCBD

At myCBD we stand by the commitment of offering a range of excellent products and are always looking for the best price-quality ratio.

There are a variety of people that tell us that compared with other cannabidiol oils that exist on the market, myCBD gives results thanks to its entourage effect and in our production process we maintain the properties of cannabidiol.

CBD Oil Quality Control

Every batch passes rigorous quality control checks to demonstrate their cannabinoid content by means of high-performance liquid chromatography before being put on the market, assuring their quality.

CBD oil is produced according to the Council Regulation (EC) nº 834/2007, on the production and classification of natural products. In addition, its health standards are demonstrated by means of determining the absence of pathogenic microorganisms and mycotoxins.

Analysis and percentage of Cannabinoids in myCBD’s CBD Oil

myCBD respects the entourage effect inherent in cannabinoids and can verify it in the analysis that we carry out on each batch that we produce.

If you want to know the analysis of the CBD Oil that we currently sell, you can visit our page on CBD quality control and analysis.

Cannabidiol Calculator

If you would like to find out how many sublingual oil drops you should be taking, then use our free CBD oil calculator HERE.

Advice on the usage of sublingual CBD Oil

How to use CBD Oil

  • Before any use, shake the bottle well so that all of the elements are evenly dispursed.
  • Fill the pipette that comes in the dropper and try that CBD Oil comes out without a problem.
  • Fill the pipette once again and aim the dropper beneath the tongue.
  • Release the required drops and keep them beneath the tongue over a minute before swallowing them. This method strengthens sublingual absorption.

Sublingual CBD Oil, for oral administration

  • How can sublingual cannabis oil be administrated?

Our customers usually take 6 to 12 drops every eight hours (depending on their weight and age). They always start with a low dosage of 3 to 6 drops by the hour and start raising the number until 12 drops as a maximum every 8 hours.

  • Side effects of sublingual CBD Oil

It does not have side effects nor creates an addiction. But just as with whatever food product, if you observe any reaction, consult with your doctor.

  • Method of use and storage

It ought to be stored in a dry area, at a room temperature no greater than 25 degrees Celsius. As it is an oil, it does not need to be kept in the refrigerator.

Amount and service

Our CBD (cannabidiol) Oil offers 10% of cannabidiol in 10 millilitres.

Legality of CBD Oil

We certify that the level of Δ9-THC that is found in the CBD Oil is lower than the legal limit of 0.2%.


All the benefits of the hemp plant in myCBD oil!

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1000mg Cannabidiol

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