Discover our range of CBD Teas designed to alleviate stress, featuring a selection of flavours and essences that harmonise perfectly with the relaxing qualities of hemp.

For those seeking original hemp tea flavours with enhanced benefits, myCBD / Green Life Labs teas offer a satisfying and relaxing experience like no other.

Elevate your tea time with myCBD, where taste meets tranquility.

Showing all 5 results

Showing all 5 results

We offer a variety of 5 CBD tea blends to cater to your specific needs:

  • CBD Immuno Tea: Infused with CBD, this immune-boosting tea is crafted to enhance your well-being while delighting your taste buds.
  • CBD Natural Tea: Our natural CBD tea is a pure and simple way to experience the calming effects of hemp in its most natural form.
  • CBD Relax Tea: Unwind and find tranquility with our CBD Relax Tea, expertly crafted to soothe your senses.
  • CBD Digest Tea: Introducing our new addition, CBD Digest Tea. This blend combines the benefits of CBD with digestive-friendly ingredients for a soothing experience.
  • CBD Calm Tea: Explore serenity with our latest addition, CBD Calm Tea. Crafted to bring peace and relaxation into your daily routine.