Warming Muscle Relief Gel

Huile de CBD en profitant de la plante entière

Warming Muscle Relief Gel

Warming Muscle Relief Gel

50ml airless bottle with 500mg of CBD.


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Warming Relief Effect for Your Muscles

The warming muscle relief gel with CBD will help you prepare your muscles before any physical or sports activity. It will give you a pleasant and warming sensation.

It increases your muscles’ temperature, preparing them for exercise to prevent future injuries. Not only it is helpful for preparation, but its warming effect it’s also ideal for recovery purposes.

Apply and massage locally.

CBD Warming Muscle Relief, THC-Free

The warming muscle relief gel contains CBD, but not THC. It can be used by both sportsmen and women.

According to article of the world anti-doping code, cannabidiol (CBD) is no longer prohibited for professionals.

Format: 50ml airless bottle with 500mg of CBD.

How to use: Apply the equivalent of two pumps from the dispenser to the desired muscle area, massaging gently until fully absorbed.

It is recommended to apply 5-10′ before starting the sporting activity.

Use with Cooling Gel at the end of the sports activity for a perfect muscular recovery.

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