Cooling Muscle Relief Gel

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Cooling Muscle Relief Gel

Cooling Muscle Relief Gel

50ml airless bottle with 500mg of CBD.


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Cooling Relief Effect for Your Muscles

The cooling muscle relief gel with CBD is made for topical use that helps muscle recovery through a cooling sensation after physical/sports exercise.

By means of an easy application, it relieves possible discomfort and fatigue generated by exercise, providing a pleasant warm-cold sensation.

When applied to your skin, you will feel an initial sensation of warmth that transforms into extreme freshness, to achieve better recovery and keep a balance in your body.

Apply and massage locally.

CBD Cooling Muscle Relief, THC-Free

The cooling muscle relief gel contains CBD, but not THC. It can be used by both sportsmen and women.

According to article of the world anti-doping code, cannabidiol (CBD) is no longer prohibited for professionals.

Format: 50ml airless bottle with 500mg of CBD.

How to use: Apply the equivalent of two pumps from the dispenser to the desired muscle area, massaging gently until fully absorbed.

It is recommended to apply 5-10′ before starting the sporting activity.

Use with Warming Gel at the end of the sports activity for a perfect muscular recovery.

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