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All you want to know about CBD


The Entourage Effect of CBD Oil One of the key elements of the myCBD products, that contain cannabidiol, is that we respect the entourage effect of the cannabinoids. However, before we go further, it is important to explain what the entourage effect of cannabinoids is in order to understand its importance and why it is […]

Why is THC psychoactive, but CBD is not?

CBD vs THC The first time someone hears about cannabis, their first question is usually whether products like hemp oil are psychoactive. In this article we will explain why CBD is not psychoactive, whilst THC is. Psychoactive cannabinoids In order to talk about cannabis and its psychoactive effects, we must first explain how cannabinoids such […]

4 tips for using CBD oil

There are more and more products on the market using CBD oil. However, there are still doubts surrounding the oil and how it is used. Here are four tips for using hemp oil: 1.- CBD oil can be administered in a number of different ways Experts consider that the most beneficial way to administer the oil […]

Tea with CBD to face “BACK TO SCHOOL”

Goodbye summer When summer and “back to school” are over; let’s be realistic, it can be tedious not only for the kids but also for adults who have to return to their routine. CBD teas can be the perfect ally in order to get you through the tough month of September. Post-holiday blues The “back […]

Can I use CBD as part of my beauty routine?

Look after your skin with cannabidiol (CBD) When people think of cannabis, the first use that comes to mind is recreational. However, for years it is putting the focus on the therapeutic use of cannabis and cannabinoids. In fact, in the United States, for some years cannabinoids have come to associate up to 24 different […]

5 faqs about CBD

When prospective customers are contacted by us to buy products containing CBD for the first time, they usually have some doubts. In this post we aim to answer some of the most commonly asked question, so that consumers can shop without any worries. What is CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is one of more than 100 […]