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MyCBD products stand out for their true full spectrum, which is evident in the natural colour of the oil. Obtaining full-spectrum CBD involves an ethanol extraction process that minimises manipulation of the extract, thus preserving the integrity of hemp plant components like cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, waxes, and other essential elements. This entourage effect, where multiple components work together to enhance the benefits of CBD, is best achieved when these natural elements are preserved in their original form. While other products may claim to be “full spectrum,” the colour of MyCBD’s oil serves as a tangible indicator of its authenticity, ensuring users that they are experiencing the maximum therapeutic potential of the hemp plant in its purest and most complete form.

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For every 3 items you choose, you’ll only pay for 2, which means you can enjoy discounts on CBD oils, creams, and other wellness products. This special offer is an exciting opportunity for those seeking high-quality CBD products at more affordable prices during Black Friday.

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Cremas CBD

Feet, Facial & Acne

THC Free


Geles Deporte

Warm & Cold Effect

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