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CBD and Anxiolytics

Among the list of anxiolytics that may be beneficial in helping to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, we can find the cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a hemp-derived molecule with a good safety profile and proven efficacy as an anxiolytic, making it the cannabinoid of choice for treating anxiety. CBD can be a gentle and effective natural alternative for use as an anxiolytic.

How can CBD help you?

This mild alternative to regular anxiolytics, can be used to reduce your temporary or chronic anxiety with immediate effect. Acting directly on the happiness hormone and the hippocampus, it blocks the onset of your numerous anxiety disorders. In addition, it can reduce other anxiety-related disorders and thus limit stress and prevent depression (link to the depression page) 1.

CBD is an active ingredient that can also be used to improve sleep. Studies suggest that taking cannabidiol before bedtime can adjust the phases of REM sleep and help the transition to a deeper and more restful sleep. Other hypotheses suggest that CBD may prolong sleeping time or reduce the risk of short-term apnea2. If you want to know more, click at the following page: The Benefits of CBD to End Insomnia

A powerful and safe natural anxiolytic

CBD can be considered as a natural anxiolytic without side effects, psychotropic or dependence. It is an alternative to opioid painkillers and benzodiazepines. CBD has also proved to dampen addictive tendencies, thus alleviating the withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult for many to quit anxiolytics and antidepressants.

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