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Free radicals

Atmospheric pollution, processed or sugary foods, stress, and tobacco smoke. These are just some of the generators of the so-called free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules generated during the metabolism of cells and can damage them.

Such molecules are generated every day as part of the normal metabolism of our bodies to modify some of its cells. However, a high concentration of free radicals can generate oxidation or oxidative stress in the cells themselves.

Such conditions can increase the risk of cancer or other diseases.

Although we encounter some of the above conditions or circumstances on a daily basis, alarming is not exactly a clever solution. Preventing is.

Aging is a natural, progressive and imminent process of our body. However, it can be accelerated due to the excessive formation of free radicals.


To reduce the excessive production of free radicals that lead to disproportionate oxidative stress, it is pertinent to resort to supplements that reduce or delay the damage caused to cells.

We then find certain chemical compounds that neutralize free radicals: antioxidants.

Some of these are already produced by the body. However, it is necessary to receive some others from external sources. Some fruits and vegetables as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, citrus fruits, and blackberries, amongst many others, are rich in properties that work as an antioxidant against free radicals.

CBD and its antioxidant properties

We can find cannabidiol as an alternative that can be highly effective within the category of natural antioxidants.

CBD has a broad biological activity, among which the antioxidant effect is one of the main benefits that has been found concerning redox imbalance. This refers to the chemical balance in reduction-oxidation reactions.

CBD, like other antioxidants, can interrupt the reactions triggered by free radicals, either by capturing them or transforming them into less active forms.

CBD, in this order of ideas, is a brain protector, as it manages to reduce lipid and protein modifications. This may imply that it fights neurodegenerative diseases, which could place it in a category of potent antioxidants.

Similarly, the benefits of cannabidiol transcend oral use, since we can also take advantage of it as a cosmetic treatment. In this way, it is also possible to take advantage of CBD as an antioxidant in cream, from which some benefits could be derived as:

  • Prevent or treat acne (facial antioxidant)
  • Improve signs of eczema or psoriasis
  • Delaying some signs of skin aging
  • Skin relief

This is how we can see that the effects of CBD not only serve to protect our brain but also as antioxidant supplements for the skin.

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