About Us

myCBD is a trademark of Green Life Labs, a company 100% committed to offering CBD products from whole plant sources and manufactured to high quality standards.

The pillars of myCBD

We wanted to represent these 4 pillars in an abstract way in our new logo,
in the form of 4 drop, which is also the basis of our new image


We understand the plant and work to find solutions together with specialists to help people.


Our aim above all is to help people who are suffering, so that, thanks to our products, they can have a natural alternative to improve their quality of life.


It is the centre of this whole universe, the origin of CBD and hundreds of other cannabinoids and ingredients that are a source of improvement for our health.


Our team is fully committed to give the best, offering products and service of the highest quality, with honesty and seriousness. This is what has characterised myCBD throughout all these years.

Our beginnings

When this project began in 2015, few people knew about CBD and its properties, so our main mission was to disseminate and explain the uses and benefits of CBD for people’s health. We felt it was important for a brand like myCBD to be able to guarantee stability and safety in its products, compared to what was on the market. With this in mind, we set about the task of developing a product in conjunction with doctors specialised in the use of cannabinoids and experts in the field to offer a product that can be used safely.

myCBD at present

It has been a work that we have carried out over several years, during which we have seen an exponential growth in products, companies, competitors, users, convinced doctors and therapists, technical and scientific studies, etc. All of this has positioned CBD in a global challenge to become a new alternative to improve the health of many people.

Quality Products

At myCBD we aim to offer products based on Cannabidiol (CBD), differentiating us from the majority of products that can be found on the market thanks to our meticulous manufacturing process, designed to incorporate all the ingredients of the cannabis plant into our final products.

myCBD Product line

Manufactured in Europe

In order to guarantee the quality of our products and to ensure that European regulations are respected, we only work with EU companies.